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Wize Eyes Optometrists employs the cutting edge technology of Zeiss lenses to offer unparalleled viewing ease and results. Unlike convetional lenses, Zeiss has taken the development to a new level to better support one’s eyes.

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Here you can read up more about the technology behind the power of ZEISS’s lenses.

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Contact Lenses

Successful contact lens wear


To wear contact lenses successfully requires a partnership between you and your optometrist. His or her knowledge, skill and care must be combined with a continual effort on your part. Regular cleaning and disinfecting are essential to ensure clean, hygienic and comfortable lenses.

Regular optometric check-ups are necessary to ensure long-term success, and if contact lens wear is being considered, the on-going costs involved must be borne in mind. In conclusion Your optometrist is a skilled and caring professional. Together you will make an intelligent decision on contact lens wear after considering all the available options. Have your eyes examined at least once a year.



Finding which contact lenses are right for you

To find the right contact lenses for your circumstances, you have to consider your needs and wants.


Your visual needs

Your eyes, vision problems, lens prescription and eye health may limit your lens choice. Your optometrist will advise you on these matters after a series of tests to determine your eye health, vision history and contact lens evaluation.


Your lifestyle

Your choice of lenses must be compatible with your daily activities. For sportsmen and sportswomen, soft lenses are ideal. If the sharpest vision is needed for your job, then RGP lenses could be advised. And if you enjoy outdoor life or travel frequently, these activities would need to be considered.



Your personality

  • Impatient? Soft lenses have the shortest adaptation period.
  • Careful and reliable? Then you could manage the extra care and additional visits required for extended-wear lenses.
  • Cost conscious? RGP lenses will need less frequent replacement.
  • Fashion conscious? Consider deep-tinted soft lenses.


Why people choose contact lenses over spectacles?

Contact lenses may give better vision than spectacles for some visual conditions such as severe short-sightedness, astigmatism, long-sightedness, corneal distortion or after cataract removal. A wider field of view is afforded by contact lenses, as the side view is not blocked as with spectacles frames. Contact lenses are unaffected by rain and do not “fog up” with changes in temperature and perspiration. Some people think they look unattractive in spectacles, while sportsmen often find contact lenses far more convenient.


Wize Eyes Optometrists offers one of the largest selection of frames with a variety of over a 2000 different frames in each practice. Below you’ll find some of the high-quality and premium brands we stock:

Zeiss-Wize-Eyes-Optometrists Esprit-Wize-Eyes-Optometrists Humphreys-Wize-Eyes-Optometrists Just-Cavalli-Wize-Eyes-Optometrists Porsche-Design-Wize-Eyes-Optometrists Puma-Eyewear-Wize-Eyes-Optometrists Roberto-Cavalli-Wize-Eyes-Optometrists Serengeti-Eyewear-Wize-Eyes-Optometrists
Silhouette-Eyewear-Wize-Eyes-Optometrists Timberland-Logo Tom Ford logo Trussardi Trussardi_Eyewear_schwarz Valmax (2) Adidas-Eyewear-Wize-Eyes-Optometrists Aristar-Wize-Eyes-Optometrists
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